STEEL_BONES.jpgChallenge 2:

In challenge 2 groups had to make bios, badges, and to upload all the imformation into the wiki.

My tribe, the Steel Bones thought that the challenge was easy even though one of our tribe members was missing. We succeeded in our challenge and we think we cooperated very well.

Challenge 3:

In challenge 3, groups had to write notes about 3 things we discovered about the skeletal system, 2 things we think that are interesting about other systems, and one question about the skeletal system.

Our group gathered notes about the human body. Some things we found in the skeletal system was, that the skeleton is so hard that it can protect most systems, holds your body upright, and is made of bones. Some interesting things we discovered about other systems were, the circulatory systems pumps blood very quickly, there are over 12 systems, and the human body is more impressive than most machines we have created. We still have some questions about the skeletal system. here are some of them. What are bones made of? Is it possible to make the bones in the body weaker?

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The steel bones and I took a little longer then we thought it would but we got it done even though Joe was not here for a part of the time last week. It took a little long for Stanley to finish the notes in the wiki but we still completed the challenge in time.

Final Challenge
In this challenge we are to find out what the patience symtoms are and to do a diagnosis on the disease or illness and to and reccommend a treatment for the patient and to write a prognosis as in the outlook for the patient.

Dr. Joe
Dr. Andrew
Dr. David
Dr. Stanley