Smart_Nerves.jpgChallenge 2
The Smart Nerves worked together very well, but did have challenges. It was hard for us because we were not all finished with our work at the same time. We make a very good team, though. These challenges were very easy for our team because we have Smart Nerves!

The nervous system is a network of nerves that send signals to your brain so that it can make decisions.
The endocrine system contains all hormonal glands that control body growth and reproduction.
The Digestive system breaks down food so nutrients and water can be used by your body.
The respiratory system exchanges harmful carbon dioxide for oxegen through breathing.

How quickly does it take for your nerves to send a message to the brain?
Would the body not be able to move without the nervous system?
Does the nervous system control the whole body?
How does the nervous system send signas to your brain so it can make decisions?
How long do they take?
Do the nerves direct the whole body?
What would the body do without the nervous system?
how does the brain send signals?
Is it possible to survive wthout the nervous system?
How does the nervous system send signals to the brain?
How does the brain contro the nerves?
How long does it take to send a message?

4/22/10 CHALLENGE 3

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In this challenge we had to watch a Brain Pop video and take notes.

Human Body Systems :All Systems Go. Brainpop, Body Systems. Web. 22 Apr. 2010. <`>.

One of our difficulties we had in our group was that we were short on time. Also our group worked together and we thought smart about our challenge. And that’s how The Smart Nerves do it.

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