Skellepeople_Billboard.jpgChallenge 2


Challenge 2

Docter's Alyssa, Emma, Michael L, and Josh B are a group
called the Skellepeople!
Our experience doing challenge 2 was some hard,
but some we found very easy. Like, some of us thought making
the doctor bios was hard. But we also thought making the ID
cards were easy. At the end of this challenge, we were all satis-
fied with our work and were happy.

Challenge 3

4/22/10 - this challenge we had to take notes on the human body from "Brain Pop".

Challenge 3, for the Skellepeople was a hard challenge for us,
which shows us that we need to learn about the skeletal system
and other parts, but i still think we did a great job.

The Skelepeople had difficulties and succeses on Challenge 3. Some of the difficulties were that 3 of us forgot to go on the Wiki during the week. The succeses were that we all did our jobs in Challenge 3 correctly. Over all we did a good job.
-Josh B.

Notes for "BrainPop":
The Skeletal System protects the body's vital organs and other systems.
The Bones in the Skeletal System holds the body up and helps you move.

Impotant Questions for "BrainPop":
Where do bones come from?
What are bones made of?
Is there something inside the bones?
How many bones are in the human body?

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