Challenge 3

4/15/10 In challenge 3, we had to take notes on information about our body systems.

Most things for this challenge went very well. We had some trouble with the citation but overcame the difficulty.

4/15/10 Operation Circulation

How does the heart get heart attacks?
How does our body get sick if the Immune system fights off sickness?
Why do our hearts pump slower compared to small animals, like rats
What we discovered- If one thing in our body shuts down, it affects your whole body. Your heart is the size of your fist. Your heart has two sides. Intresting Facts- The Respritory system lets out bad things to let in oxygen. Body type is determined by genetics. The Immune system fights off sickness.

"Body Systems." Brainpop. FWD Media, 1999. Web. 8 Apr. 2010.

Challenge 2

The challenge was to create a bio. After that we had to use the information from the bios and used it to create an i.d. card. Once we finished the i.d. card we put all of them on our team's home page