Challenge 5

Leader~ In this challege we didnt have much difficulties. We did have difficulties a little bit with finging a cure of it the problem had a cure. This Challenge was GREAT for the Never Nervous Nijas. ~ Minna

Technician~Our challenge was finding out our patient's disease we found out that it was Parkinson's disease . June 3, 2010

Challenge 3

Leader~ On challenge 3, we did not have many troubles, this task we used very good teamwork and eaisly picked the jobs. This challenge was a big succsess for the never nervous ninjas

Technician~We went to Brain Pop website and took notes on the Human Body while watching a video, then we shared our facts and questions.

Science writer~ QUESTIONS: Can nerves break? , How long do nerves last? , Are there cells in the nervous system? , Can nerves die or do they live forever? NOTES: Nerves help make decisions, nerves send signals to the brain, and network of nerves.

Human Body All Systems Go. Dir. Brainpop. 1999. Brainpop. Web. 9 Apr. 2010.

Challenge 2

We are the never neverous ninjas, we did a good job but we had some problems with the I.D Card. Because we wrote too much and we had trouble with the wiki.i hope for the next challenge we do better.