Challenge 2




We had some difficulties of creating the wiki because we had our pictures put in the wrong place.

But when we all worked together we got everything completed. Our secret…Teamwork!!


When you smile the muscles work. Glucose makes muscles work with out getting tired. The brain signals the muscles to move. The integument system is made up of nails, skin, and hair. How do muscles move? The muscular system allows muscles to move. The immune system fights viruses that try to make you sick. How do muscles connect and work together with other important body parts? The urinary system gets rid of chemical waste. The circulatory system gas the heart pumping blood through your body. The Endocrine system contains all the hormonal glands that control body growth and production. Why are muscles important to the body?

For challenge 3, our group, we had difficulties using the citation website.
body system. brainpop. Web. 1 Jan. <url>.

Our group had to find out our patient's, Trina Woods, disease by typing her symptoms. Then, we had to fill out a graph.

We didn't have any difficulties in this challenge. We worked together very well.
We're surprised what the cause of the disease is!