In this challenge we had to watch a video about the body systems on brainpop.com. When we finished the video we had to take notes after or during the video.

One member of our group discovered that the brain wouldn't work without blood. Another discovered that the immune system fights bacteria and viruses. Also, a member of our tribe discovered that our bodies design is more impressive than our most complicated machines. Finally, the leader discovered that the endorcrine system controls growth.

One of the members of our tribe wonedered what is the brain made of. Another member had a question; If you have asthma, will your body work the same? Also, how many systems are in our body? A member wrote; What is the most important system in our body? Finally, is there a part of your body that grows back except for skin?

One interesting thing that a member of our tribe found out was that the body has a lot of systems. Another wrote, humans grow inside humans because of the reproductive system. Also, someone wrote that if one of the systems isn't working right, thebody can't run smoothly. Finally, a member wrote that the human body is an efficient machine that went millions of years of evolution.