Challenge 4​


Challenge 3

1 thing we discovered- The Digestive system breaks down food so that nutrients, food, and water can be used for your body
3 interesting things- 1. The respitory system exchanges harmful carbon dioxide for oxogen 2. The Immune system battles viruses and bacteria so you don't get sick. 3. The Nervous system sends messages to your brain.
3 questions we still have- 1. How long can you live without your Digestive system? 2. Does a baby have a complete Digestive system when it is born? 3. Why can't the small and large intestine be connected?

Some problems and advantages of challenge 3 : Challenge 3 went really well for us. We didn't go through any major problems like we did in Challenge 2.

Description- This challenge was all about taking notes about the brainpop video on the human body. 4/22/10.

Challenge 2


toughnes: One of the badges were lost.We had to make it all againtoughnes: make it all Dr.Adam.jpgagain.