The challenge was to take notes on our system, and then summarize it and put it on the wiki. 4/22/2010
We had a difficult time with the wiki work. Sometimes we worked together, other times we didn't. It was fun but challenging.
In this challenge our difficulties were that one of our teammates was not cooperating with us and only 4 of us were working together.Our succeses were that we took the notes and summarized it and made the citation and put it on the wiki.
The challenge was about making ID cards, making billboards, and putting them on this wiki. We also made bios.
The group discovered that carbon dioxide is exchanged for oxygen. The lungs give the oxygen for the heart.The heart can't work without oxygen. The human body is more impressive than the best machines.Endocrine system controls growth hormones. What parts of the body are in the respitory system? How many systems are in the body?
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