​​​Chalenge 5

This challenge was about diagnosising the patient, and finding out what can cure the disease he/she has. 6/3/1
During this callenge we had no diffuculties and ald alot of fun during this callenge.

Challenge 3

This challenge we had to take notes about a video on Brain Pop called the Human Body and make a citation. 4/15/10

Notes from "Human Body" Brain Pop-

  • The heart is an involuntary muscle.
  • Muscles contract and flex.
  • Bones protect your organs.
  • Voluntary muscles help you move body parts.
  • Skeletal muscles are connected with tissues called tendons.
  • You cannot control invouluntary muscles.

Is your butt an involuntary or voluntary muscles?

How does working our make muscles?

What is the biggest muscle in the body?

Human Body. 1999. Brainpop. Web. 8 Apr. 2010. <http://www.brainpop.com/health/bodysystems/humanbody/preview.weml>.

I think our tribe did a fantasic job on this challenge. It was fun to work together as a team and finish this challenge.

Challenge 2

The challege was to write bio about ourselves and then make a badge that explains us. We had to find out what type of doctors we were, and make up a hospital and a city where the hospital is located.
Then we had to make a logo which is right above where it says Challenge 2. After all that was done, we had to post it up on the Survivor Wiki, and save. We also have to finish in time.

As leader, I thought that we didn't work together as well as we could.
I think this because we were getting in arguments about little things and didn't always agree. Other than that I think we did a good job.